With an extensive history of successful full cycle SAP Implementations for various industries, DCS can assist your organization face the most challenging SAP Implementations with ease and utmost confidence. Our client customized and unique post implementation support and knowledge transfer methodologies ensure a successful transition and a low Total Cost of Ownership in the long run. DCS offers proven expertise in the following SAP ERP/SCM modules:

  • SAP Warehouse Management (WM)
  • SAP Inventory Management (IM)
  • SAP Material Management (MM)
  • SAP Logistics Execution (LE)
  • SAP Sales and Distribution (SD)
  • SAP Production Planning (PP)
  • SAP Quality Management (QM)
  • SAP Financial Accounting and Controlling (FICO)
  • SAP Flexible Real Estate (REFX)
  • SAP Project System (PS)
  • SAP Plant Maintenance (PM)
  • SAP Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S)
  • SAP Customer Service (CS)
  • SAP Personnel Management (PA)
  • SAP Training and Event Management (PE)
  • SAP Incentive and Sales Force Management (ISF)
  • SAP Investment Management
  • SAP Financial Supply Chain Management (FSCM)
  • SAP Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM)
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM)

DCS has extensive experience, expertise, and long history of numerous consulting engagements using the following SAP industry solutions:

  • SAP for Automotive (including BPS Automotive Innovations and Service Parts Management)
  • SAP for SAP for Aerospace & Defense
  • SAP for Banking
  • SAP for Consumer Products
  • SAP for Healthcare
  • SAP for High Tech
  • SAP for Mill Products
  • SAP for Professional Services
  • SAP for Public Sector
  • SAP Transportation and Logistics


Many SAP Implementation Project are managed and executed in an extremely concentrated timelines and as a result some business processes suffer. In many cases, The temporarily “work arounds” becomes permanent solutions and an integral part of daily business process at the end of the SAP consulting engagement. Re-engineering aforementioned business processes will result in immediate savings through efficiency, gain productivity, and reduction of total cost of ownership. DCS can review your SAP based business processes and provide detail recommendations using its proprietary BPR methodology to ensure high degree of IT enablement.


Mobile technology and solutions have become an integral part of everyday life. Consumers are supercharging their mobile investments. There is a need for speed, and businesses must catch up by providing access to information anytime and anywhere accelerates growth of mobile devices and increases bandwidth, resulting in high demand for employee mobility and for mobile applications and solutions. Whether your planning to implement one of SAP’s many Mobility Solutions or you’re extending your SAP ECC capabilities to mobile users through SAPConsole or ITS Mobile, DCS has extensive experience designing and executing RF enable solutions in many logistics scenarios.


DCs has a history of designing, implementing, and supporting SAP 3rd party system integration projects across many industries. Our past experience is including but not limited to:

  • Parcel (FedEx/UPS) Shipping Solutions (SAP Express Delivery Company or 3rd Party)
  • 3rd Party HR/Payroll Providers
  • 3rd Party Warehousing Solutions
  • Banking Payment Processing Integration (ACH/Federal Wire, Custom or DMEE)
  • Manufacturing Intelligence Integration (Proprietary or PLC Based)
  • Online Store/Order Management
  • Legacy TN3270 Host Integration
  • 3rd Party Billing/Revenue Solutions
  • Production Data Collection


EDI has become an integral part of every business partnership. Supporting customer’s new EDI requirements in timely manner is crucial for staying competitive. DCS has been providing EDI integration support for many industries including Automotive, Manufacturing, Distribution, Retail, and Aerospace and Defense. Our experience includes but not limited to the following standards and technologies:

  • ANSI X12 (i.e. 856, 830, 862, 850, 820)
  • SWIFTNet
  • SAP iDocs
  • Proprietary Flat Files

DCS also provides consulting services around 3rd Party Business Integration tools such as Seeburger BIS and SAP Process Integrator (XI/PI).


Every large scale successful SAP Implementation contains custom developments in one form or another. DCS consultants and experts strongly believe in utilizing SAP core functionality to satisfy business requirements however today’s fast evolving business environments might create functionality gaps that are not met by standard system. Whether you’re planning to enhance an existing SAP functionality or develop a complete custom solution based on SAP foundations, DCS can provide design, ABAP/JAVA development, and support services. Our extensive experience in large scale implementations has enabled us to create customizable custom solutions that will dramatically decrease total cost of ownership compare to traditional methods of SAP ABAP development. DCS uses latest Application LifeCycle Management methodologies. DCS developers always follow SAP best practices in ABAP development. Each solution is fully documented and goes through rigorous Unit and Integration Testing using SAP provides tools. The following is a small sample what DCS can do for your custom development efforts:

  • ABAP Reports (Classic, OO ALV)
  • PDF, Smartforms, SAPScripts
  • Custom Labels and Barcodes
  • Adobe Interactive Forms
  • User-Exits, BAdIs, Explicit and Implicit Enhancements
  • BAPIs, Web Services
  • Interfaces (Flat File, XML, iDoc)
  • Transactions, WebDynpro
  • ITS Mobile/SAPConsole RF enabled Transactions
  • iDocs (Inbound, Outbound)

In addition to to development services, DCS provides Custom Code Lifecycle Management (CCLM) which is designed to manage ABAP developments along the entire life cycle of custom code objects from creation of an object to use in productive systems. This service can be render with or without SAP Solution Manager intance. DCS Custom Code Review service can provide a second layer of protection against erroneous and low quality development and enhancements. This service includes:

  • ABAP Code Quality Review
  • Custom Development Performance Analysis
  • Custom Development Security Review
  • Development Best Practices Review
  • Cloned Code Analysis/li>
  • Customer Code vs. Standard Functionality Review


First introduced in January 2013, SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA enables customers to run their businesses in real time by bringing together business transactions and operational analytics on a single, open in-memory computing platform. Bringing the power of SAP HANA to mission-critical applications is just the first wave of incredible innovations SAP has delivered to Business Suite customers. SAP Business Suite on HANA advantages include smarter business models connecting real-time business insight and business transactions for innovative product and service offerings and operational models. In addition, Broad variety of business scenarios, including marketing analysis, financial close, receivables management, consumer and social sentiment analysis, as well as the most used operational reporting and analytics, all specifically optimized to deliver the highest value to customers. Simpler business interactions allowing business partners and consumers to integrate social media and unstructured data in a single system.